Make An Appointment


Appointments can be made through Skype or using the phone

If you would like to chose your TeleDr 

Chose your state
Chose a TeleDr
Check the TeleDr calendar
Chose an appointment time
Call 1300 TeleDr, Skype, or enter your number and we will call you.
The “TeleDr coordinator” will take your details
Arrange connection to your TeleDr at the allotted time
Process your payment (visa, mastercard, AMEX, Diners)

If someone is very sick or injured and will need private hospital care:

  • videocall 1800 TeleDr (835337) if the patient needs private hospital emergency care, (e.g. appendicitis)
  • Skype “TeleDr Emergency” and state that you want private hospital care
  • or press this we call you button
  • This service is charged at private hospital rates 24 hours a day