TeleDr has a number of specialists on call to help remote, rural and outer metropolitan health facilities deal with more complex health issues.

As an example TeleDr has an Occupational and Environmental Medicine specialist who can assist with

1. Hazardous Chemical Management

  • A TeleDr consultant can assess the exposure risk in each work environment
  • Develop an appropriate testing regime for screening and monitoring
  • Review tests include blood, urine or X-rays (e.g. Asbestos, Lead , Mercury, Benzene)

2. Noise Management Program

  • A TeleDr consultant can assess your noise management programme
  • Ensure it complies with National Code of Practice - noise management
  • Arrange and monitor your Audiometric testing - Yearly testing if exposed

3. Health Risk Assessments (HRA) / Site Surveys

  • TeleDr consultants can help sites with required health risk assessments (HRA)
  • Assess, measure, and control physical, chemical, biological, psychological hazards
  • Health risk assessments should be done at least every 5 years or when major change occurs