TeleDr provides health staff in remote, rural and outer metropolitan areas, access to specialists through videoconsults.

Benefits to remote, rural and outer metropolitan areas

  • One number for all your health care needs (1300 TeleDr)
  • Patients can receive specialist medical care without traveling
  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Cost savings from not having to travel and accommodation
  • Quicker resoulution of health problems and quicker return to work
  • Official records of videoconsults for medicare audits
  • Specialists appointments and logistical support from TeleDr
  • Properly assess patient prior to traveling (e.g. if operation required)
  • IT support and training if required
  • “A TeleDr call makes specialists videoconsults easy"

TeleDr assists clients with technology, logistics and a private network to ensure videoconsults with specialists are done properly.  TeleDr links the health facility  with specialists who are happy to do videoconsults.

Benefits To GP / Practice Nurses on site:

  • The GP/ practice nurse receive on-going education from the TeleDr specialist
  • The GP can prescribe medication if they agree with the TeleDr specialist advice
  • TeleDr specialists can provides back up if GPs are unsure in a complex clinical situation.
  • Better health outcome for their patients
  • Enhanced confidence in on-site healthcare